Safety during transportation

For the sake of safety for the transport of the vertical motors, 7.5 horsepower 213T frame they will be packed and supplied in the horizontal position. Horizontal motors with a lifting eye at the maximum angle shall not exceed 30 ° from the vertical axis.

Before starting any hoisting process, check that the eyebolts are properly fixed, fully screwed and with their base in full contact with the surface to be lifted.

Individually packaged engines shall not be hoisted by the axle or package, but by hoisting eyes, where they exist and with appropriate devices. Lifting eyes are dimensioned to support only the motor weight indicated on the nameplate. Electric motors supplied on pallets should be hoisted by the base of the pallet itself. Under no circumstances should the packaging be dropped.

It is necessary to verify that the equipment used in the lift and its dimensions are appropriate to the size of the eye and the mass of the engine. All movement of the motors must be made smoothly without impact, otherwise the bearings may be damaged as well as the eyebolts can not be subjected to excessive stresses, thus causing the eyebolts to break.

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